Thanksgiving and Pet Food Dangers

Thanksgiving Day is a day to gather with friends and family and enjoy a meal of wonderful flavors and heart-filled recipes. On Thanksgiving and throughout the holidays, those of us with pets might be tempted to let them in on the celebrations by sharing table scraps – especially, when they look at us with those irresistible puppy-dog eyes.
Many human foods, however, are not only difficult for our pets to digest, some are toxic and dangerous. Your pets will be healthiest if kept on their normal diets. But be sure to keep the following well out of their reach.

What Can Your Pet Enjoy on Thanksgiving?

It’s only natural to want your pets to take part in your Thanksgiving feast. A small amount of well cooked, boneless turkey is okay for pets, in addition to green beans, carrots and a few licks of mashed potato – as long as these are prepared specially for your pet and do not contain any harmful ingredients, like garlic and onions or lots of butter and oil. If you really want to serve your pet a feast of his or her own on Thanksgiving Day, pick up a special treat from the pet store to add to your pet’s regular meal.