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Pet Parent Resources: Your Gateway to Informed Pet Care

Our commitment goes beyond providing exceptional veterinary care – we believe in empowering pet parents with valuable resources to ensure a happy and healthy life for their companions.
At Companion Animal Health & Rehabilitation Center, we understand that being a pet parent comes with its unique joys and challenges. Our Pet Parent Resources page serves as your go-to hub for expert advice, helpful tips, and the latest updates on pet health and well-being.


We believe deeply in all of these principles and we want to make sure that we show you each of those characteristics at every encounter. If you prefer a veterinary experience that loves your pet, explains things to you until there are no more questions, and wants to foster a sense of trust with you, PLEASE CALL US today at (760) 743-2751!

Dr. Knox Takes Center Stage on Collars & Cents Podcast

Exciting news – Our very own Dr. Knox recently appeared on the Collars & Cents podcast with Dr. Doc Halligan on 790 KABC. In the January 27th episode, Dr. Knox discusses pet health, wellness, and trends in veterinary care, sharing practical insights and advice.

If you missed it live, catch the episode COLLARS AND CENTS to hear about our commitment to compassionate animal care. Thanks to Dr. Doc Halligan and Collars and Cents for having us!