Early Cancer Detection


Early Cancer Detection at Companion Animal Health & Rehab Center

At Companion Animal Health & Rehab Center, we are proud to announce we now offer early cancer detection for dogs. We believe that early detection and treatment are the best ways to manage cancer in pets. Cancer is often treatable, and an early diagnosis will help your veterinarian deliver the best possible care!

What is a Cancer Screening?

Cancer screenings should be an important part of preventative care in dogs, just as they are for people. The goal is to look for cancer when your pet is feeling well before clinical signs start to appear.
During wellness visits, veterinarians may check for early signs of cancer by doing a thorough physical exam and asking about any concerning observations you might have made. Your vet may also do routine blood and imaging tests and recommend OncoK9 – a new blood test that could detect cancer before your dog shows any clinical signs.

What is OncoK9?

The OncoK9 liquid biopsy test is done with a blood draw to detect cancer DNA.
It can detect 30 different types of cancers, including 8 of the most common in dogs.
Using state-of-the-art next-generation sequencing technology, it detects changes in DNA that are indicative of cancer.
OncoK9 may help detect cancer early when your dog is looking and feeling healthy for the best chance to defeat the disease.

Can My Dog Benefit from a Cancer Screening?

A dog’s lifetime risk of developing cancer is 1 in 3 dogs. There are certain aspects about your pup that will help determine if they may benefit from having a screening and they are as follows:

Common Dog Breeds with Higher Risk of Cancer

What to Expect at a Cancer Screening at Companion Animal Health & Rehabilitation Center!

Talk to your veterinarian today if you are concerned about your furry pal and his/her risk of getting Cancer.
Here at CAHRC we will run testing and diagnostics on your pup to determine if they benefit from early cancer detection. If they are deemed a good candidate for this testing we will then incorporate it into your pup’s regular wellness and preventative care exams.

Call (760) 743-2751 to speak to one of our qualified veterinarians today, or book your pet’s first Cancer Screening and help your pup be on his way to a long healthy, and happy life!