The Importance of Choosing Healthy Foods That Cats Love

Cats, Health, Nutrition, Wellness
Feb 11, 2021

Notoriously finicky eaters, cats sometimes don’t get the nutrition they need because they either don’t eat enough or they turn away nutritious options in favor of flavor-packed, nutrient-poor treats. However, receiving the right diet is essential to health. So, what exactly do cats need in their diets?

The Reality of Food Allergies in Pets

By: Companion Animal Clinic
Allergies, Nutrition, Pet Care
Sep 13, 2019

Food allergies occur in pets when a cat or dog’s immune system identifies a protein in his or her diet as an invader, something like a virus or bacteria…

Thanksgiving and Pet Food Dangers

By: Companion Animal Clinic
Nutrition, Pet Care
Sep 12, 2019

Thanksgiving Day is a day to gather with friends and family and enjoy a meal of wonderful flavors and heart-filled recipes. On Thanksgiving and throughout the holidays, those of us with pets might be…

Weight Control

By: Companion Animal Clinic
Cats and Dogs, Health, Nutrition, Pet Care, Wellness
Sep 12, 2019

As with the human population, the majority of dogs and cats in the US are overweight or obese. Overweight pets suffer many of the same maladies that humans do, like diabetes, hypertension, orthopedic problems, spinal…