Understanding and Treating Allergies in Pets

May 01, 2023

As a pet owner, you may have noticed that your furry friend is constantly scratching, biting, or rubbing against objects in your home. These symptoms could be a sign of allergies in pets, which can be uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous for your beloved companion.


Could Stem Therapy Help Your Dog?

Pet Treatment, Stem Cell Therapy
Jan 01, 2023

As veterinary medicine has improved over the last several decades, our pets are now living longer lives. This means they’re facing additional health challenges as they age. As a result, veterinary medicine has been developing revolutionary treatments to help pets stay healthy, happy, and active well into their golden years.

Show Your Cat Love and Celebrate National Cat Lovers' Month

Pet Owner Tips, Uncategorized
Dec 01, 2022

At Companion Animal Health and Rehabilitation Center, we love cats every month of the year. December, however, has been officially designated as National Cat Lovers’ Month, a time to celebrate loving cats. You can celebrate all month long by making special efforts to show your cat how much you care.