Early Cancer Detection For Dogs: Ask About Our November Special


Early Cancer Detection For Dogs: Ask About Our November Special

November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month. At Companion Animal Health and Rehabilitation Center, we’re celebrating with a special to promote one of the newest and most advanced cancer screening tests for dogs, the OncoK9 Test.

What is the OncoK9 Test?

The OncoK9 Test is a new laboratory screening for dogs that uses liquid aspirations to detect genetic changes in a dog’s DNA in order to screen dogs for the earliest signs of certain types of cancer. The OncoK9 test is recommended annually for senior dogs that are 7 years or older and for dogs that are genetically predisposed to developing cancer at a younger age.

In the past, cancer in dogs was rarely detected before a pet developed outward signs and symptoms. These modern advancements in veterinary medicine, however, have made it possible to detect the earliest signs of DNA-based changes that can indicate the presence of cancer and trigger further testing for a definitive diagnosis.
These tests can be effective in the earliest stages of cancer, which means that we can now use routine laboratory screening to check dogs for cancer before they develop symptoms.

Why Is Cancer Screening So Important for Pets?

Cancer is highly common in dogs, and even more so in senior pets (pets over the age of 7) and in dogs that belong to breeds that are genetically predisposed to developing cancer. In fact, it’s so common that about 50% of dogs over age ten develop some form of cancer.
As is the case with human cancer patients, early detection and treatment of cancer in dogs are essential to successfully overcoming the disease.

Schedule a Cancer Screening Appointment for Your Pet in Escondido

If you have a senior dog (7 years or older) or a dog of a genetically predisposed breed, we strongly encourage you to talk with one of our veterinarians about the new cancer screening options that are available. With modern advancements in treating canine cancer, we’re able to most effectively address cancer in dogs when it can be detected and diagnosed as early as possible.

To learn more or schedule an appointment to take advantage of our November special, we welcome you to contact Companion Animal Health and Rehabilitation in Escondido today.