Show Your Cat Love and Celebrate National Cat Lovers’ Month


Show Your Cat Love and Celebrate National Cat Lovers' Month

At Companion Animal Health and Rehabilitation Center, we love cats every month of the year. December, however, has been officially designated as National Cat Lovers’ Month, a time to celebrate loving cats. You can celebrate all month long by making special efforts to show your cat how much you care.

10 Ways to Love Your Cat During National Cat Lovers' Month

1. Let Them Scratch

Instead of getting angry when your cat scratches the furniture, show them your love by providing them scratch-friendly surfaces where they scratch/mark their territory and keep their claws in good shape.

2. Work on Training

Cats can learn tricks, and they will enjoy spending quality time with you while you use positive reinforcement and clicker training to teach them good behaviors.

3. Snuggle Up

Spend quality time snuggled up with your cat on the couch or in bed.

4. Go in for the Pets

Most cats love a good massage, and they’ll enjoy relaxing and bonding with you while you scratch their ears and chin.

5. Install a Perch

Cats like to have a safe place to rest and observe their surroundings. For many, this means getting up off of the ground. Get a cat tree or install a hammock or a safe place where your cat can perch.

6. Learn Your Cat's Language

Cats use different meows and body language to communicate with their people. Pay attention to your cat’s behavior so you can start speaking their language.

7. Spend Time Grooming

Cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves, but most still need help to keep their coats and skin in top shape. Invest in a high-quality brush so you can help keep your cat clean and mat-free.

8. Set Aside Time to Play

Play and exercise keep cats happy and healthy. When you’re involved, play is so much more fun and enriching.

9. Start Growing Catnip

Cats love to get wild with catnip. Purchase a plant or grow your own from seeds.

10. Play With New Toys

Introducing new toys helps to keep your cat entertained and their environment enriched.

Love Your Cat With Exceptional Veterinary Care

Although your cat might not understand that veterinary care is another form of love, it is the best way to love your pets. We welcome you to contact our office to schedule a wellness and preventative care exam to show your cat how much you care.