Observe Animal Pain Awareness Month by Learning the Signs of Pet Pain

The International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM) recognizes each September as Animal Pain Awareness Month. Throughout September, all of us at Companion Animal Clinic honor Animal Pain Awareness Month by spreading information about animal pain and helping to educate pet owners about how to recognize and manage their pets’ pain.

Why It’s So Important to Be Aware of Animal Pain

Unlike humans, animals have no way to tell us when they’re in pain. In fact, they instinctively try to mask their suffering. As a result, pets often suffer in silence long before their human companions notice that something’s not quite right. It’s up to pet owners to pay close attention to the behaviors of their pets, so that they notice right away if anything changes.

Signs Your Cat or Dog Might Be in Pain—

Keeping a close eye on your pet’s daily behavior is essential to noticing signs of acute pain, chronic pain, injury, and/or disease. The following behavioral changes might indicate that your pet is experiencing pain and needs medical attention:
If you notice any of these signs of pain in your pet or other behavioral changes, you should contact our office to schedule your pet an appointment right away. Our veterinarian will examine your pet to determine the underlying cause and prescribe the proper treatments.

Pain Management and Canine Rehabilitation in Escondido

At Companion Animal Clinic, we do our best to help pet owners spot pet pain early by including a pain assessment in your pet’s regular wellness exam. We offer comprehensive pain management services for cats and dogs, including a range of both holistic and modern treatments.
In addition, our veterinarian, Dr. David Knox is one of only a few Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners (CCRP) in San Diego County. We provide complete canine rehabilitation services aimed to reduce pain, increase mobility, and restore your dog to his or her normal level of health.
For more information about animal pain or to schedule a pain management appointment at Companion Animal Clinic, contact our office today.