Does My Pet Have Allergies? Common Causes of Itchiness in Pets


Does My Pet Have Allergies? Common Causes of Itchiness in Pets

A scratch here and there is no big deal. If you notice that your pet’s constantly in motion, trying to get at an itchy spot, however, this could indicate a more serious health concern. If your pet constantly suffers from itchiness, is unable to relax, and is even keeping you awake at night, then your pet might need medical attention or lifestyle adjustments to help them (and you) find some relief and finally relax.

What Could Be Causing Your Pet's Itching?

Allergies might be the first problem that comes to mind when your pet’s scratching. They are a common cause of itchiness in pets, but they’re not the only problem that can cause cats and dogs to scratch excessively. In order to soothe a pet’s itchy skin, it’s important to first diagnose the underlying cause of itchiness. Most itchy pet cases are caused by one of the following:
Whether suffering from an infection, infestation, or allergies, itching typically won’t be the only symptom your pet experiences. You might also notice:

What to Do About Your Pet's Incessant Scratching

If you notice your pet scratching incessantly or detect other signs of a skin problem, we recommend that you schedule an appointment at Companion Animal Health & Rehabilitation Center in Escondido right away. While scratching might not seem like a serious problem, excessive itchiness is an indication that something else is going on with your pet. When you schedule a checkup for your pet, you’re taking the first step to help him or her get some relief.
Dr. Knox will perform a thorough physical examination. He’ll then make use of our in-house diagnostic lab to pinpoint the underlying cause of your pet’s uncomfortable symptoms. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause of your pet’s symptoms. Whether it be allergies, parasites, or an infection, we’ll provide you with an effective treatment plan to resolve the issue, improving your pet’s health and quality of life.
To learn more about itchiness in pets or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.